The Law Offices of Timothy R. Evans.

Attorney Timothy Evans

“With a high level of integrity, I will represent your interest.”

Former Police Officer and Prosecutor and Current Administrative Law Judge and Supplemental Court Commissioner for Kenosha County, Wisconsin is available to discuss your legal problems and answer questions.

With the large number of attorneys available to serve the public, anyone looking for an attorney should be cautious and ask direct questions when seeking representation. The lowest price reduces your costs, but your interests are not always properly served. Similarly, having an attorney tell you what the attorney thinks you want to hear in order to obtain your business usually results in the ultimate dissatisfaction of representation. Using honesty and integrity, each person should be informed of the legal issues they are facing, the potential outcomes and the prospects for success. This reality-based approach provides the potential client with the truth regarding each legal problem. This is the approach used at the Law Office of Timothy R. Evans.