Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Timothy R. Evans is a General Practice law firm concentrating in the following areas:

As a former police officer and prosecutor, Mr. Evans has certain insights into criminal cases that most other attorneys do not possess. Mr. Evans’ experience as a police officer allows him to view each case from the perspective of your rights and interests as well as from the police officer’s perspective. This insight is especially important when reviewing police reports and preparing your defense. Additionally, as a former prosecutor Mr. Evans is familiar with the steps taken by prosecutors in preparing cases against defendants. This experience is invaluable in analyzing each case for establishing a defense in highlighting weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Every client is provided with an honest assessment of the case as well as aggressive representation in court.

Mr. Evans’ active legal practice includes various areas of immigration law, including deportation/removal defense, immigrant and non-immigrant visas and asylum. His mission is to provide effective and personalized service as every step of the immigration process is crucial. Mr. Evans takes the time to fully understand the unique situation of every case and provides honest assessments of each case.

We believe that during the trying and difficult time after an accident and/or injury, you and your family need both emotional support and special attention. Through strategic alliances with some of the top attorneys in Lake County specifically concentrating in personal injury, the firm provides all personal injury clients with the ability to receive that special attention and representation by multiple highly qualified attorneys at no additional cost to the client. This provides the client with the ability to have questions answered and needs met quickly and efficiently.

We believe that communication and understanding are the keys to satisfaction for our real estate clients. In making probably the most expensive and important purchase in one’s life, it is imperative that your interests are represented and that all aspects of the purchase are explained and understood. This holds true whether the purchase is residential or commercial in nature. Additionally in the sale of a property, the seller needs to have the piece f mind that their interests and all the requirements of the sales contract and title transfer are upheld and completed to successfully close the deal. Whether you are buying or selling property, what is important is acheiving the ultimate goal of having the property transferred successfully.

In planning for the transfer of your property to your family and/or friends, you need to properly establish a plan to accomplish your goals. We believe that proper planning and thoughtfulness is imperative in drafting the appropriate documents to achieve these goals, whether through a Will or Living Trust. While estate planning can often be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, it is very important to take this step to protect your loved ones, to minimize potential tax ramifications and avoid probate in appropriate cases. Additionally, it is just as important to plan for events to protect you and your assets in the event of your incapacity. Powers of Attorney and Living Wills can protect you from uncertainties.
However, when probate is necessary, your family should understand the procedures and possible outcomes of the proceedings. Making decisions after the passing of a loved one is never easy. By placing your trust in us, you can deal with personal matters and let us deal with the legal matters.

With a primary focus on representing Landlords for Commercial and Residential properties, Mr. Evans has been assisting Landlords in lease negotiations, verifying that the lease terms are valid and representing Landlords through eviction and collection proceedings. Mr. Evans has been active in the promotion of the Nationally recognized Crime Free Multi-housing Program where he speaks on the topic for the Village of Round Lake Beach, Illinois since 2003 and the City of Kenosha since 2010. Mr. Evans has also assisted in the efforts to have Wisconsin statutes amended to promote safe neighborhoods and crime reduction and prevention in rental properties.

As a Title Agent in the State of Illinois for several title companies, Mr. Evans is familiar with title searches, the clearing of title issues and the issuances of Owner’s and Lender Policies. In Wisconsin, Mr. Evans has taken over the position of Managing Attorney of Exchange Title, writing title insurance through ATG. As an attorney practicing real estate law, the ability to oversee the title process and clearing of title problems through Exchange Title your one stop destination to handle your real estate sale.

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